What is Cunning Action?

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Cunning Action is a 5th Edition D&D Live Play podcast.

When 5th Edition came out, I hadn’t played D&D for years. I decided to check out the basic rules. They were so simple I thought to myself - “heck even I could run this!” So, I found myself some willing players to experiment on and we began an epic journey…

We started with the basic adventure and, somewhere along the line, decided to share the fun with the wider world. After numerous weekly sessions and much tinkering with mics, we had many hours of recording. However, a catastrophic tech failure resulted in the loss of hundreds of hours of recordings and a whole lot of backstory, so we decided to start over: New characters on a new adventure. Cunning Action was born.

On our website you will find all of our episodes, information about the characters, still images from our game nights and more…

So here we are: Sam, Louise, Neal, Mark and Jon (GM to you) - in a new D&D campaign of my own devising.

Hope you enjoy!

Jon @cunningaction