Elgath (Mark)

Race: Goliath

Class: Barbarian


Exiled by his tribe for a crime he didn’t commit at the age of 14, Elgath Gathakanathi fell in with mercenaries, and latterly has been working as a bounty hunter. Disgraced and dishonoured he’s been at death’s door twice - waiting for the elements to take him - only for fate to save him. Third time lucky, eh?

Using his physical attributes to earn coin, he sends most of his earnings back to his kindly halfling “parents”, the Tosscobbles. Will Elgath shape this ramshackle crew into his own tribe? Will he be able to absolve his name and reconcile with his native family? Will he get himself killed first?


Sandy (Louise)

Race: Tortle

Class: Ranger


Sandy is strong. Sandy is tall. Sandy thinks you are interesting. Sandy is a tortle and, quite frankly, is lovely.

Born on Chult, one of eight, Sandy is your typical tortle. She can fish, she likes music and stories and loves to meet new people. But, Sandy has a spark of something else:  Sandy’s mother was an adventurer. All tortles go walkabout but Sandy’s mother was quite special. She braved the darkness and lived with dwarves. Underground! She was gifted a shiny ruby, which she carried in a leather pouch until she returned home.  And so, the seeds of a lifelong obsession with shiny red things was sewn for Sandy… before she was even born!

When their parents died, Sandy and her siblings shared the few possessions, fishing rods, nets and the like fairly. However, the fate of the ruby was left to a card game taught to Sandy’s father by a group of humans he probably shouldn’t have trusted. Sandy won… the leather purse. Her brother, Palug won the ruby and Sandy vowed that when she went walkabout she would return with 10 rubies so her children would all have one to keep.

Sandy has been travelling for 10 years, keeping an eye out for those shinies. She has met various races, spent too long in taverns but even more time in the wilds, breathing in all of the wonders the world has to offer. Sandy will listen to you for hours. If you meet her, be kind: sing her a song of your people and she’ll be your friend and protector forever.


Corwyn (Neal)

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Druid


Corwyn comes from a long line of proud stewards of the great expanse of Northern Woodland - the summer-adventure get-away and winter hunting ground retreat for the High Elven political elite. Corwyn learned to care for the range, harvest the crops, learned of the sustainable hunting of game, and domestic tasks of cooking and serving while growing up in his beloved forest.

On the occasion of his Adult Naming Ceremony, Corwyn was betrayed by his dearest childhood friend, Rhys. Without the rights confirmed by an Adult Name, Corwyn was sentenced to EXILE from the Elf-Hames. Corywn would never choose an adult name and would therefore never be recognised in the songs or inscribed in the history of the Elf-Hame. Unable to bear the dishonour to his family and his beloved Wood-Hame, Corwyn fled. He fled the Elf-Hame, fled the human border civilisations, fled even from the Dwarven realms.

Corwyn sought out the harshest place for life – the frozen wastes, ice lakes, and alpine forests of the Sea of Endless Ice. This would be where he served his exile and nursed his broken heart. Corwyn’s self-imposed exile stretched into 10. 15, 20 years… In all, he’s been an outrider in exile for 28 years. However, unbeknownst to Corwyn, a Druid from the lowlands has been monitoring him for several years. It started as a curiosity, but it has evolved into a sort of mentor-ship from afar. There is a strange force at work in the Sea of Endless Ice, one that has seen more dire winters, earlier melting, a change in the migration habits of the birds and beasts. At the subtle urging of the Druid, and out of a drive to protect his adopted home, Corwyn has left the arctic to seek answers.


Caspian (Sam)

Race: Half Elf

Class: Warlock (Great Old One)


When is a Wizard not a Wizard? When he’s a Warlock in denial.

Magic runs in Caspian’s family. His father is an accomplished and respected Wizard. His mother was a powerful Sorcerer. His older brother and sister follow in their parents’ footsteps; both are talented wizards. Even Caspian’s younger brother shows signs of becoming a powerful sorcerer.

And Caspian…? Not so much.

For sixty years Caspian has studied magic in all its forms and wholly failed to achieve even the tiniest cantrip. Of course, everyone is very understanding. They are always sure to tell him how talented an academic he is, what an impressive understanding of magic he has. Yet, deep down Caspian resents their condescension. He knows he has talent and he’ll show them. He’s going to be the greatest Wizard there ever was… pay no attention to the mysterious ancient being in the shadows. Caspian is a wizard. No doubt about it. Look! He has a book of spells and everything… definitely a wizard.