Cunning Action! Episode 2: Wet!

wherein our slightly soggy heroes fight a gaggle of strange purple people and rescue an island native.

Listen to Episode 2 of the Cunning Action podcast on our website. The adventure continues as the shipwrecked gang explore a strange rain-drenched island. Corwyn takes a tumble, Elgath dives into a fight without so much as a backward glance and Caspian lectures the gang.

Website Updates

We are still in the process of writing our character backgrounds for the website, but Sam, Louise, Neal and Mark have been seduced by the prospect of shiny custom minis from Hero Forge. They can’t wait for the next game night. Who knows? Perhaps having a custom mini will work as a good luck charm and help with some of those dice rolls…?

“Corwyn” Custom Mini from Hero Forge

“Corwyn” Custom Mini from Hero Forge

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iTunes Coming Soon!

We are still awaiting iTunes approval, but hope to be able to share our podcast via this service very soon. While we wait, Mark and Louise are hard at work editing the next few episodes.

@PerfectDanger hard at work editing Episode 3. Check out those snazzy PJs. Natch!

@PerfectDanger hard at work editing Episode 3. Check out those snazzy PJs. Natch!

Happy listening!

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