Cunning Action! Episode 3: Tangled! Available Now.

Wherein our level zero losers learn that you can’t put a bucket out of the window without trouble and even the trees are trying to kill them…

Join Jon and the gang for episode 3 of the Cunning Action podcast. You will find answers to questions such as ‘Can a giant turtle look sinister?’ and ‘Can you get a proficiency bonus for hitting someone with a bucket?’… All the important topics covered, there.

We also find a little bit more about just what our team is made of. Sandy discovers that it is handy to have a thick shell, but not even that will save you from poor dice rolls. Caspian learns that he’s the kind of Warlock … er, I mean, Wizard! … who screams at a moment’s notice. And everyone learns that Elgath never, ever runs away.

Jonathan Buckley