New Episode! Cunning Action - Ep. 4 Night Watch

We’re a little late with this episode here at Cunning Action HQ so apologies, listeners! We hope it was worth the wait: Episode 4 of the Cunning Action podcast is now available for your auditory pleasure!

Episode 4: Night Watch!

Having barely escaped their brush with some enraged plant life, our gang decide to sleep away their cuts and bruises in the freshly-cleared temple. (Who’s got the med kit…?)

Spend the night in an abandoned temple dedicated to an archaic hero god you’ve never heard of on an island which is literally coming alive and trying to kill you…? Sure! Why not?

Not to worry: Elgath remains on guard. Indeed, his shout of ‘all clear’ every two minutes is enough to send the most patient adventurer around the bend.

What fresh delights await our heroes on this isle full of noises? Is there a sinister Prospero-figure pulling their strings, perhaps? (If anyone is up for the role of Caliban, surely it’s Elgath…?) How will our ship-wrecked heroes escape to civilisation? And - perhaps even more importantly - where the heck even are they again?

Listen now, as GM Jon leads Neal (a.k.a. Corwyn), Louise (a.k.a. Sandie), Mark (a.k.a. Elgath) and Sam (a.k.a. kill bucke… er, I mean, Caspian) in their continuing adventures. Let’s hope these guys level up, soon!

Who is Corwyn?

Our mysterious elven friend, Corwyn, has finally revealed some of his secrets to the team here at the Cunning Action website. Head on over to our characters page now for a read of all the juicy details…

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Jonathan Buckley