Cunning Action Episode 5: A Zombie Slug-Fest!

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Amazingly, our unlikely band of heroes have reached level 1. What will they do with their new-found powers? Face a host of water-logged zombies, of course.

Zombies attack!

In this latest episode, the gang are still looking for a way off the accursed isle where they have become stranded. The spooky visions they received in Episode 4 haven’t enamored our heroes with their temporary home and things get worse when some very soggy zombies wander up the beach. Could this be something to do with the undead city?

We learn lots about the gang when they are placed under pressure, including the fact that Elgath doesn’t know how to spell his last name and that nothing seems to be able to shake Sandie’s cheery disposition.

Finally, some battle advice for any novice adventurers out there: eating the wrong kind of “healing” berries can have a negative effect on your digestion and you should never retreat straight into the next encounter.

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Jonathan Buckley