Cunning Action: Another Year, Another Episode!

It’s been a whole month since the last episode aired. Between Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year, we’ve all consumed a few too many latkes and mince pies, though we did still find time to roll the die.

Episode 6: Escape Plan?

This latest instalment sees the shipwreck survivors licking their wounds after a close encounter with some pretty soggy zombies. There’s some unexpected “emoting”, too, as Elgath attempts awkward post-combat bonding with the rest of the gang. Perhaps he hit his head or something? We’ve also got some questions for Caspian about his newfound “wizarding” powers. Ahem. (Put it this way: He’s not expecting an owl from Hogwarts any time soon, that’s for sure…)

A “helpful” map of the island… wait? Do the hills have eyes?!?

A “helpful” map of the island… wait? Do the hills have eyes?!?

But what’s next? It seems clear that the gang need to find some way off the accursed island - something strange is going on out at sea and they need to get back to “civilisation” to figure it out. Luckily, the island’s friendly-but-dim-witted inhabitants have provided a “helpful” map. There are some dangerous looking docks, purported to be frequented by pirates, and a mysterious mansion that could be inhabited by bandits. It’s a coin toss which one Elgath will want to attack first… Let’s just hope that someone has a sea-worthy boat stashed somewhere!

Join Jon, Louise, Mark, Sam and Neal for the next instalment of Cunning Action! Enjoy!

Jonathan Buckley