Episode 11: Negotiations

New Episode

There’s been a bit of a hiatus here at the Cunning Action podcast while our website gremlins took a break over the Summer. They’ve returned from the murky caverns in which they were hibernating ready for some podcast action this Autumn. First up, we have Episode 11: Negotiations!


In this episode we rejoin our heroes, who are still afloat on a troubled ocean, as they get down to some serious conversation with new friends and foes.

As usual, things do not go swimmingly… Well, unless you count Elgath going for a swim… Corwyn contemplates violence, reaching for his trusty stones, whilst Sandy engages in some professional haggling. Ever in the shadows, Caspian wonders about death cults.

Thankfully, everyone gets some loot and the gang manage, somehow, to avoid making yet more enemies as their journey on the ocean continues apace.

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Jonathan Buckley