New Episode! Troubled Waters!

Welcome Back to Cunning Action!

Mark and Louise have been busy in the ‘editing suite’ putting together our latest episode, which is now available to download or stream. Eight episodes into the adventure and the adventurers are finally getting somewhere… off the island!

Episode 8: Troubled waters

Having at last acquired a boat, the party deem it sensible to take it for a test drive. After all, their last adventure at sea didn’t end well. What should be a simple case of brushing up on their sailing skills and sea shanties turns into something more than they bargained as a wild ride across troubled waters takes them to unexpected places.

In this episode expect the good and the bad as our heroes find a treasure stash but also a foul-mouthed dwarf. This fellow asks all the important questions, including: do tortles have mouths or beaks?

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Jonathan Buckley