Episode 9: All Aboard!

Cunning Action is back!

With apologies for our sporadic posting of episodes, cunning action returns for the next instalment.

Having finally left the island behind, the party are getting to grips with life on the ocean. As you might expect, it’s anything but smooth sailing but our heroes do get chance to give those pesky slaver pirates a bit of payback.

Everyone gets involved but, for once, the spotlight falls on the elf. While, Elgath has trouble with the ropes, Caspian receives a piggy back and Sandy retreats into her shell, it’s Corwyn who shines.

Content Warning: some of those pirates are a bit salty with their language, which Caspian finds very upsetting!

With thanks to Mark and Louise for their editing skills. They are hard at work on episode 10, which will be available very soon.

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Jonathan Buckley