Episode 10: Take That and Party!

Ten Episodes of Cunning Action!

Well, we’ve made it to ten episodes of the cunning action role-playing podcast. It feels like a lifetime although no one in the party has died … yet!

Where are we now?

Having bested the pirate raiders, our brave band of washed-up heroes take some time out for serious socializing. Constantly being in peril is no good for anyone! Luckily, the’’ve made some new friends, including a very cool ship’s captain and a host of fellow adventurers.

It’s not all play and no work, though. Corwyn and Sandy swot up on Druid craft and Corwyn learns how to do his first ever shape change. We promise you, it’s not a frog.

Absolutely not a frog.

Absolutely not a frog.

Meanwhile, Caspian and Elgath play “good cop”/”bad cop” with a captured pirate captain and a pair of shady-looking priests. Or, should that be “bad cop”/ “worse cop”?

TRIGGER WARNING! Jon makes lots of cheesy 90s boyband references in this episode. Can you spot them all…? No…dont go! Stay!



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Jonathan Buckley